Skilled Migrant

The Skilled Migrant Program is an online system that allows New Zealand to select applicants based on their economic needs or skill shortages.

Similar to Canada and Australia, the Skilled Migrant Program is also based on points. You can gain points on factors like your age, marital status, education and work experience.

While New Zealand does not have any state or provincial nominations, you can gain additional bonus points if you have a permanent job offer from a New Zealand employer or if you have work experience in an absolute skill shortage.

To qualify for Skilled Migrant Program, you’ll need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • - Age
  • - Marital Status
  • - Education
  • - Skilled Work Experience
  • - Working in a Skill Shortage Occupation
  • - English language proficiency

For an initial assessment, kindly send your updated resume to
Use the subject line: “Skilled Migrant Assessment NZ”.