SkillSelect is an online selection system in Australia for immigration, similar to  the Canadian Express Entry and New Zealand Skilled Migrant, that ranks applicants based on their total points.

Points are based on factors like your age, marital status, education and skilled work experience. Once you meet the required number of points, you can then start your application under SkillSelect.

To be selected under SkillSelect, you’ll need to meet the required number of points for the following factors:

  • - Skills
  • - Age
  • - Marital Status
  • - English language proficiency
  • - Occupation
  • - Australian work experience or Australian qualifications

There are also different streams under SkillSelect that you can apply for. There is a stream for applicants who have been nominated by a state or territory government agency. There is also a stream where you can be sponsored by an eligible relative. Or, you can opt to migrate independently.

To find out if you qualify for SkillSelect, kindly send your updated CV to
Use the SUBJECT LINE: "SkillSelect Assessment Australia"