Transferability Protection

Enhance Visa is a company fully committed to you and all our clients. This is why we pioneer unique features that reinforce our commitment to providing dependable and reliable service.

One of these unique features is our Transferability Protection.

Our Transferability Protection is a distinguished feature that protects your investment in Enhance Visa’s professional fee. It guarantees that your professional fee is fully transferable, whether you’d like to transfer your application to another program/country OR to another person.

How does this work?

Once you’re an official client of Enhance Visa, and you’ve fully paid for your professional fee, you’ll have flexibility and peace of mind with your investment. The entirety of your paid professional fee is protected through the following methods:

Program-To-Program Transferability

If there are any sudden changes to Immigration guidelines, and you find yourself cornered by these changes, you can avail of the Program-to-Program Transferability Feature. This simply means that you are free to transfer your original application to another program.

And because Enhance Visa provides immigration solutions to three countries - Canada, Australia and New Zealand - we’ll surely have another great option for you.

Person-to-Person Transferability

Should decide to cancel your application, for whatever reason, you can then avail of the Person-to-Person Transferability feature. This way, you can transfer your account with Enhance Visa to another person.

For example, say you would no longer like to pursue your application and your cousin would like to apply for Australia. You can transfer your account to your cousin so instead of your cousin investing in another professional fee with us, they can take over your account and pay you instead.

To learn more about our Transferability Protection and our Discount Provisions, consult with us. You can contact us here.