Are you ready to get started on your visa application?

If you are, so are we!

Here are the steps on how you can get started with Enhance Visa:

1. Assessment

Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have multiple immigration programs and pathways. To be able to see which program you qualify for, we’ll need to give you an initial assessment.

To get assessed, send your updated CV to Use the subject line “Ready for (country)”. Example, SUBJECT: “Ready for Canada”.

If you are married or in a de facto relationship, also include your partner’s updated CV.

Send your updated CV now.

2. Consultation

Once we have received your email, we will assign one of our Immigration Specialists to contact you within 3-5 business days.

Our Immigration Specialists are proficient with all of the Immigration Programs for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They are able to recommend to you the best program available based on your current qualifications and the current guidelines in Immigrant applications.

3. Agreement

After having been fully informed of your best immigration option, our Immigration Specialist will share with you our Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

The MOA will cover our commitment to your visa application, the benefits of becoming an Enhance Visa client, like the FREE IELTS review and information on our Transferability Protection.

Once you have reviewed the MOA, fill in the blanks with your information and attach your signature at the bottom of the agreement. It is also advised for you to sign all pages, on the left side, to attest that you have read and understood all pages.

Once done, kindly scan and email the document back to your Immigration Specialist.

You can download the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) here.

4. Investment

Now that we have your signed MOA, you can proceed by investing in our professional fee.

You can invest in our professional fee with a one-time discounted payment or you can opt for our staggered installments.

Consult with your Immigration Specialist to find out how you can avail of our discount provisions.

For Payment Options, kindly click here.

With over 21 years in the Immigration Consultancy industry, you can be confident that your application is in good hands.

If you need more information, kindly contact us at (6332) 253 3404 or email us at